Keefox don't offer save password

I am unable save new passwords or totally new site logins with keefox. Is this normal with new version or is there something wrong with my installation? Old before upgrading to FF 57.x saved logins are still working.

Me too. Also it no longer ask to change the password when I manually change the password that auto loaded from a previously saved site.

You might want to review Kee Features and in particular this section:

Quieter “Save password” behaviour

Changes to Firefox and many websites over the past decade have gradually caused the KeeFox password save prompt to become more intrusive than we would like. Kee 2.0 adds a new feature which prevents this popup from appearing until you explicitly ask for it by selecting “Save latest login” from the Kee main menu.

@Landon_D Please avoid posting the same question or issue in multiple threads whenever possible. Thx. :grinning:

That helped a bit. It saved my updated amazon password but there wasn’t any prompt before it did. It would be better to have a “do you want to change this password” prompt come up before doing it in case the change was an accident.

It still doesn’t ask to save passwords from new sites. Specifically this site. I signed in and then came back but kee fox did not ask to save the password for this site nor did it fill it in when I came back.

On the two post it looked like one was in the community forum and one for the developer and that users in one wouldn’t see the other. As a matter of fact I think it even says somewhere that posts in one area won’t be seen by support staff for months. I just though I would hit both groups at the same time. The post in this thread was just a “me too” post.

Now I think I get it. EVERY time you want a password saved or changed you need to select the “save last password” option. I thought it was an option to turn on password saving. It is not. It is a button to save the password for the site you currently logged into. That keeps the pops up off so I guess that was the reason to change it to this. It is pain when you first start to have to go up and click it for every site every time but I guess once your database gets filled you won’t need to do it much.

The fist time user might be wondering why password aren’t’ being saved. Maybe I missed it but a more clear point out of the need to hit “save password” for every site you want saved would be a good idea. I was used to the pop up in my face on every site without an entered password so I didn’t think of doing this.

This is a good point. I attempted to address this by ensuring that all users see a popup the first handful of times that a password can be saved but it’s possible that we should have been more aggressive with that behaviour.

I’m tempted to mark this down as a learning point and make no further changes since I feel the biggest beneficiaries of this behaviour are users that are upgrading from KeeFox and almost everyone has now upgraded to Kee so that ship has sailed.

If even entirely new users remain confused by this “quieter” behaviour though, we can look into whether firing popups more often is worth doing.

I would say the best option would be do default to the old style pop ups with a clear option to “disable future pop ups”. If you are not getting many complaints about this I would just leave it alone I guess

I would be happy if the “save password” popup window could return. Now with “quiet save password” I forget to save the password very often. Would it be difficult to add an option (quiet vs. always popup) to the settings?

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Same here. “Quiet” mode not working for me:)

It shouldn’t be too hard to add a new option which would always display the notification popup. Of course, it can’t be exactly like the old popup panel for reasons already discussed but may well be useful as a reminder feature.

Let’s say that if you’d be interested in this feature, like this comment. If you’re interested in helping to develop it, even better - in which case please also post a further reply.

PS: This way of gathering your feedback is a bit experimental so I might change it at some point but lets try it this way for now at least.


Finally I learned why this shitty Kee doesn’t save passwords! No longer shitty. Now I love it!

When you say “Kee Main Menu”, where is this?

If it is in the add-on part of firefox I can only find a “Saving Entries > Offer to Save Passwords” Check Box, which dosn’t seem to change anything.

This refers to the dropdown menu that appears when you click on the Kee icon in the toolbar. Perhaps “main menu” isn’t the best descriptor, but this was a quote from the developers original post.

Is there a plan to bring back the notification to save password?

Doesn’t work anymore. The button save last password never appears. Very frustrating! An intrusive message would be better than this.
Please solve this issue.

That sounds like a different problem. The issue being discussed here is whether or not to aggressively notify users when a potential login operation has been detected. If you find that the option to save the last password is never displayed in the Kee menu, please first check if that is an issue with just a single website and then post a new topic if needed.

Thought I should check in on this topic again - it’s still on my radar and I’m monitoring how many people like the comment I posted earlier to guage any increasing need for urgent action. In the absence of any critical need to make the changes discussed here, I’m intending to revisit the possibilities for different password saving behaviour when Firefox introduces improved support for overlay popups/notifications - that’s currently pencilled in for release in the first part of 2019 but there are no guarantees the final Firefox feature will be of direct relevance to this issue and any improvement to the current behaviour may have to be limited to Firefox and leave other browsers with a less-perfect solution.

I never saw the button/menu save last password, even when I created my forum kee account. It would be nice to improve that.
Thanks for the good job.
Erratum : I saw the option to save the password once only, but it’s often not showed. I did some tests and I only see it on some sites (Kee forum for example;) ), but in many other cases, it’s impossible to save the logins / password).

I have freshly installed new KP and also Firefox 63 with Kee Plugin and newest RPC Plugin. I logged into some websites and I have seen the popup was occuring. It was very nice to see that Kee is recognizing that there is a new login that is not in the database and just tab on the popup to save the login data. But for some Reason it stops working after a while. Is there any limitation? Wish that this will be fixed in future. Thanks

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It’s actually working as designed. The pop-up appears only for a limited time because (a) many don’t want it, and/or (b) find it annoying because it can pop up too often at times when it’s not needed or has misinterpreted an ordinary form submission as a login. For me personally, if I create a new entry, I do so knowingly and can easily remember to access the toolbar icon to add that entry to my database.

Whether this would be an appropriate option to add to Kee is of course subject to individual preference.