Category Topics

Kee browser extension

For discussions about the Kee extension for web browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Kee Vault

The Kee Vault password management service at is a new way to securely store and manage your passwords and fully compatible with the Kee browser extension.

Project news

Announcements about new versions, features or notable bugs can be found here.

Thunderbird (KeeBird)

Older versions of Kee (called KeeFox) can be installed in Thunderbird in order to link your KeePass passwords to your email accounts.

XUL browsers (KeeFox)

Older versions of Kee (called KeeFox) can be installed in web browsers that are based upon a Mozilla technology called XUL which was prevalent until Firefox 56 (late 2017).

Forum, sites and project management

Discussion about the organisation, functionality and suggested improvements relating to this community forum and other Kee websites and community areas (e.g. GitHub and Transifex). Feedback about Kee itself should not be discussed here.