How can I donate?

The Kee Vault Supporter subscription at £2 per month or £20 per year is our preferred method for financial contributions - we get regular income and you get a valuable service in exchange.

If you would prefer to contribute with a one-off payment then the information below will help. Please note that these donations are independent of the Kee Vault service so no adjustments to Kee Vault subscriptions can be made based upon donations you choose to make below.

If you wish to thank the developer of Kee with a financial donation, the following methods are available.


Note that requesting PayPal payment protection just gives more money to the PayPal company - they offer no protection for personal donations but still take a cut of your donation if you enable the protection box so please leave it unchecked.


Ensure that you transfer the correct currency to each address - mistakes can result in the currency being lost forever.

Also note that these addresses may change one day - any such change will be made here at least 24 hours before the old addressess stop working.

  • Bitcoin (BTC): 1EmafwbHvU2xHMHxyhiH1QaiPMi6hbr8uj
  • Bitcoin cash (BCH): 14PUoZy5MrRTQ8HACziu8ybxw6YQUwrsDW
  • Ether (ETH): 0xe45f663aC12Be83749AdC0bB1ffae15937fa39b9
  • Litecoin (LTC): LaoNxJGbmzDp6EjyP4NwKcbovmEvbvCX7f


If you are interested in other ways to donate, feel free to reply to this topic to begin discussion of your suggestion.

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Chris @luckyrat, I must say I am very pleased with you feeling a responsibility to provide a new version of Firefox plugin on time! Is there an option I can donate with some cryptocurrency (like bitcoin)? I only see PayPal link for know, which I’m not a fan of. There are few sites where you can create a wallet in few clicks, just in case lmk.

Yeah there is only a Paypal link at the moment -

I did have a “coinbase” account a year or so back but have just tried the URL for that and it’s now a 404 so I’m not sure how to allow payments into that cryptocurrency wallet anymore. Maybe I’ll work it out when I have more time at the weekend.

In case Coinbase would end up generating some burden, you might want to check out which is one of the most established web wallets, it should require no additional verification and should be perfectly fine security-wise for collecting donations.

Thanks @the-noob and @cipherbling

I will take ownership of and edit the original post to include information about cryptocurrency wallet addresses in a minute.

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