Contributing to and helping the Kee project

We offer as much as possible to you for free so that our entire community can benefit from improved security. There are no strings attached but if you would like to say thanks there are a number of ways you can do so.

:star: A fairly quick way to say thanks without any financial cost is to give us 5 stars on the store(s) where you installed Kee from. For example:

Firefox users: Kee - Password Manager – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)
Chrome users: Kee - Password Manager - Chrome Web Store
Edge users: Microsoft Edge Addons

:star: We have a separate page to explain how you can donate financially but the gist is that we would most appreciate you subscribing to the Kee Vault password manager service because then everyone benefits.

:star: Other ways to help include donating your time to support others here on the forum, submitting translations to keep Kee understandable by a wide range of people around the world or developing code for the project. Again, we have a dedicated page that goes into more detail about these options: Contributions, bugs, help and support guidelines

We really do appreciate any way that you can help spread awareness of Kee or Kee Vault. Seeing positive reviews and links to our service from elsewhere on the internet helps motivate continued investment of our time and money to help everyone stay safe online.

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