Recent updates to Kee browser extension

Here’s just a quick update about the latest release of the Kee browser extension.

The releases this year have so far been focussed on improving stability and performance, and other small improvements following on from the larger upgrades last year. I’m working on an upgrade for our Kee Vault password manager at the moment so look out for some exciting news about that in the coming months. After that, I’m hoping to be able to afford to spend some more time on new features and improvements to the browser extension.

If you appreciate the work I put into the browser extension, there are a variety of ways you can express your gratitude from giving us 5 star reviews, supporting other users on the community forum, subscribing to the Kee Vault service and many more ways. I’ve just created a new documentation page on the community forum to outline the main ways you could help so please take a look: Contributing to and helping the Kee project

Version 3.8 will be on its way to you soon. Typically it takes a few hours or days for Firefox and Chrome users but days or weeks for Microsoft Edge users. These distribution delays after we release a new version are out of our control and we hope that Microsoft in-particular can speed things up in future.

Thanks again for all your support of our work!

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