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I get this error even after I log into Keepass. I re-installed Keepass 2 and the issue still persists. I started using Kee Anywhere a few days ago and Kee still worked with it but just yesterday it stopped working. I also ran a database file on my computer and I still get the “off” status for the plugin on Firefox. I tried re-installing the kee plugin as well and the issue still persists. I’m not sure what to do next, please help.

Please check the Troubleshooting topic first.

Testing with no other KeePass plugins or Firefox extensions could help narrow down the issue.

I had this or a similar problem with Kee/KeePass2 on Firefox on ONE of three Win10 computers. It was driving me insane. Usual troubleshooting did not solve the problem. Uninstalled everything, reinstalled, etc, no joy. The solution that finally worked for me was to go into my KeePass DB, select the top level folder, right-click it, and choose “Set as Kee home group”.

I had the same issue, and the same solution worked for me (right-clicking the top-level folder and choosing “Set as Kee home group” again, even though it was already my home group). Not sure why, but thanks for posting that.

You’re welcome. Oddly enough the issue cropped up again recently on the same PC. Same fix, even though, like in your case, it was or should already have been my home group. Perhaps the property can fall off somehow.

I had not tried that, but when I did, I found the following:
The top folder folder in my data base is KeePassdatabase. If that is the one, when I right click the options I get are: Add Group, Edit Group, Rearrange, Find in this Group and Search Profiles, with Duplicate group and Delete Group grayed out.
Is that the correct folder (it is the top level folder as far as I can see)? Am I missing something?

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Same problem here. Top Folder is called “Datenbank” and I can’t “Set as Kee home group” either. What might I be doing wrong?

Make sure KeePassRPC.plgx is installed if you have no option to set your Kee home group.

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Thank you very much indeed!

That seems to have done the trick – and it poses another question immediately. Where did all my plugins go? There were 3 or 4 of them and now the list is completely empty. Do I have to reinstall all the plugins after every update?

You shouldn’t need to. If it happens again with the next KeePass update, you could ask for help with that on the KeePass / Discussion / Help forum.

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You have installed KeePass into some other place than the previous installation
and there will be no plugins of course.

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Thanks very much for your reply. I have used the “check for updates” function in KeePass. I will pay special attention on where exactly it will re-install in the future.