KeePass + Kee + ING Diba online banking login page?


It seems that Kee (as my extension for Firefox) can no longer identify the ING Diba login page, as a result I have to revert to do an autofill from KeePass instead of picking my login from the page itself.
I’ve tried to define an exception from within key but I can’t get it to work.

Has anybody been able to convince that page to cooperate with Kee?


P.S.: I might have to add that I’m using the German Diba site.

(X’posted from the KeePass forum)


I was able to solve the problem by adding two additional URLs to Kee.

That is, my KeePass entry’s URL is set to, so there is 3 URLs in total now.

In addition to the above URL I added the following ones for each KeePass entry (I have several accounts) on the Kee-tab/URL-tab:

In all tests I’ve made so far Kee always presented the matching KeePass entries.