Auto fill two username fields

I want to use Kee to fill out a login form that has two username-type fields, one of which takes the name of my company, the second one wants to use my username, the third field contains my password. You can look at the login form here:
Right now, I cannot use it. Kee doesn’t remember the company name, but fills the form with my username. I tried using the advanced editor and stated the first field and its designated value in the form, but to no avail.
How can I achieve this?

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Hi jolo
You could try to start here:

If you are using KeePass, go to the section “Edit entry” dialog or if you use Kee Vault Entry Browser form settings.

Using these options you can create custom fields that will populate any aditional fields in your login forms.

I haven’t tried to create multiple fields: only had to use this setting to customise the field id and field name for the Amazon AWS login console throught KeeVault.

I think it should work just fine if you create another login field, for example: “identity” and configure the correc field t id and field name on it.

If you need more help finding these fields just ask! :slight_smile:

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Check this thread too, it shows the screens you need to use: KeePass + Kee + ING Diba online banking login page?