Kee 3.6 beta testing started

Version 3.6 has now been released to beta testers, and for the first time Google Chrome users are able to opt-in to the beta testing program.

v3.6 brings a host of new features, improvements and bug fixes and will be available exclusively to beta testers for at least a week or two, as with most Kee releases.

The update notification page displayed after an automatic update contains a list of the main changes, localised to your own language. However, if you install the beta version for Chrome now, it won’t be an “update” (rather a new “install”) so I’ll include the English version of the information below.

If you find that this list of changes, or any parts of Kee, are not available in your preferred language, please consider contributing to the translation efforts over on Transifex (I’ll release a new beta version with your updated translations every 3-5 days).

  • You can choose a preferred matched entry for each website (see Preferred entries)

  • Standalone password generator updated to new style and included in the main popup

  • New option to set your dark/light theme preference

  • New option to show an unobtrusive confirmation after an entry is saved

  • Keyboard shortcuts changed (see Keyboard shortcuts)

  • Keyboard arrow up and down in the popup now reliably navigates between search box, matched entries and search results

  • Improved form finding performance

  • Improved detection of which forms Kee should auto-fill

  • Changed name of Black and White list to Exclude and Include list

  • Including/excluding forms by string matching now (optionally) ignores case

  • Fixed a bug affecting per-site settings priority when using the advanced multiple-weights feature (thanks @pragacz)

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