Preferred entries

This applies to Kee 3.6 and higher (likely to be released in November 2020)

When you have multiple entries for the same website, Kee will automatically prioritise the matching entries so that the best match is at the top of the list of matched entries.

The entry at the top of the list is the only one that is considered for automatic filling and submitting (if you have enabled the relevant options).

If you would like to select a different matched entry automatically, enable the “Preferred entry” checkbox when you are viewing the list of matched entries for a particular page.

There are some important facts to be aware of when using this feature:

  • All the usual decisions regarding entry behaviour are observed. E.g.
    • marking an entry as preferred will not change that entry’s auto-fill/submit behaviour
    • preferred entries that are a very poor match for the form will not be auto-filled
  • You may need to temporarily disable auto-submit while you make this change because you can only set a preferred entry from among the list of matched entries and you may not have time to do so if the sign-in occurs automatically
  • The order of the matched entries is not changed (we just no longer treat the first entry in the list as the top priority)

In a future version we plan to allow you to choose different targets for your preference (so you can have different preferred entries for a specific page on a website but a different preferred entry for the rest of the website). When that happens, you may need to enable and disable different preferred entries in order to “reset” any configuration that you decide you don’t like. There are too many unique situations for us to document everything but bear in mind that the behaviour when you disable preferred entry A (uncheck the option) is different to when you enable preferred entry B while preferred entry A is still enabled. Knowing that, we don’t anticipate even the most complex of configurations to cause most people any problems but if in doubt, just keep the target setting at its default when it is added to Kee (the default will be the same as in Kee 3.6 - “Domain”).

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