Android auto-fill

To enable the passwords stored in your Vault to be automatically filled into other apps or websites you access on your device, you must give your permission to Android for Kee Vault to perform this security-sensitive operation. The easiest way to do this is to click on the relevant button in the Kee Vault app’s Settings page and then select Kee Vault as your preferred auto-fill service.

Generally speaking, all websites and all Android apps will work with Kee Vault autofill but there are definitely going to be some exceptions to that rule. In many cases the solution won’t lie with anything Kee Vault can do but sometimes we will be able to fix bugs in our code or implement workarounds so please do let us know the details of any auto-fill problems you encounter in case we can help.

Before spending the time to tell us though, please check the following tips for a quick solution.

Make sure you access the secure (https) version of websites. If you access the insecure version (http) instead, Kee Vault will keep your details secure by refusing to match any entry which has a https web address (URL). If a website has no secure version or you really want to share your credentials when using the insecure version of the site, you must change the URL in the entry to begin with http://.

Check that the “Minimum accuracy for a URL match” setting is correct for the entry you are trying to auto-fill into a website. For example, if your entry has the URL you will need the setting to match “Domain” if you also want that entry to be auto-filled into This setting is contained within the “Integration settings” section of your entry.

Check that you are using a supported browser. We will actively support the latest version of Chrome and Firefox so that’s the safest way to go. However, many other browsers will work too and we’ll try to get as many as possible working. If your entry auto-fills correctly in the latest version of Chrome or Firefox but not in your preferred browser, please check with your browser manufacturer whether they support the Android auto-fill feature and then let us know all the details if you still think there might be a way that we can support auto-fill for that browser.

Finally, be aware that if you have recently created an entry association to an app or website but not yet saved additional changes to your Vault, the Vault on your other devices won’t know about that new association. Therefore, if you are having to configure an autofill entry on multiple devices, try saving an additional change to your vault after your first successful auto-fill operation. The technical reason for this is that we are not permitted by Android to perform any lengthy operations while responding to the autofill request from your other app or website and thus can not perform the usual vault saving operation immediately.