Wildcard use

I can’t believe such a simple question is not addressed either in the KeePass help nor in the Kee tutorial.
So, if you can log into different parts of a website with the same credentials, is there a way to use wildcards ?

For instance, if you use

Do you really need two KeePass entries ?
Because a KeePass entry with a URL field containing https://*.mysite.com won’t work for any of them !

Also, a second problem (a minor hindrance though) for a different website that uses two logins for different sections:


In spite of KeePass having the URL correctly inserted, why does Kee give the two options when I have to log on one of the sections?

I think that both questions are answered here: Controlling minimum URL match accuracy for an entry

the key word is regex configurations in Kee.

Hope that helps

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blgo, thanks. I was able to find my way and fix it. The only way I found though is through the most restrictive option, followed by a regex setting (only computer programmers will know how to use these).

One has to admit that the different options between KeePass and Kee are not always easy to find; in particular this second level tab inside another tab. I wish things were more obvious and not contradicting between KeePass and Kee.

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No, you don’t need 2 KeePass entries, just 2 Auto-type entries.
The best way is to use a plugin like WebAutoType and match the entries to the URLs.
Also you can have more than one URL in the Kee tab of one KeePass entry.
So next time just have a closer look what options are there and sometime read the help.

I think that you are mixing things a bit… here we are solely talking about Kee.

Auto-type is not part of te Kee extension/plugin, it is part of KeePass. Kee uses other means to achieve a kind of similar result, but in a much more secure way.

Also, I have never heard of anything called WebAutoType in Kee.

You are right, regexes are a mind blower for anyone who is not programmer… however that is the only way to allow users a high detail and customisation in their configurations. As far as I know, Kee is the only password manager that allows that level of configuration.

KeePass is popular for many thing… sadly it’s user interfaceis probably not its best trait.

The developer of Kee @luckyrat released a more user friendly web interface that works as an alternative to KeePass: KeeVault plus some handy features.


This thread looks like using Kee together with a KeePass database.
In this scenario you can add more than one URL to the Kee tab in a KeePass entry
as I also said.
So you are saying that you are only use a Kee vault or what ?

I didn’t know that on Kee tab in KeePass you can add more than one URL to do the matching. Maybe a screenshot will help everyone to see what you mean.

and yes, for the last year or so, I only use KeeVault

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Thanks, that is very helpful,
I didn’t know that it was not supported on kee vault but it is on the KeePass plugin!

I think that all the features on that KeePassRPC URLs tab are also supported in Kee Vault. E.g. in the entry settings section at the bottom of each entry. Let me know if there’s something missing from there though.