Urgent information for iOS Kee Vault users

Please check that you are using Kee Vault 2 on your iOS device, especially if your Apple account is registered in the EU.

There are screenshots in the Kee Vault versioning and naming topic to help if you’re unsure. Do not assume that because you have installed Kee Vault from the app store that this is definitely the version you are using regularly - it probably is but it is important to check because…

Apple plan to release iOS 17.4 very soon. Unless they make a last-minute change, this new version has been designed to delete data from a variety of your apps, including Kee Vault version 1.

In practice there should be no permanent data loss since you can just sign in to your Kee Vault again (it will download the latest version from the Kee Vault server). However, if you have changes on your iOS device which have not been saved to the Kee Vault server yet, those changes will be lost without warning during the update to iOS 17.4. This should only be the case if you were making changes while on a poor quality or no network but please double check.

By upgrading to version 2 you’ll get other improvements such as biometric sign-in and auto-fill too. We recommend uninstalling Kee Vault version 1 from your iOS device after checking that any recent changes are available in either Kee Vault 2 or on a different device.

This currently affects only EU residents but the contempt with which Apple are treating those people does raise the concern that the problem will expand to other parts of the world in future.

If for any reason you are unable to switch to version 2 of Kee Vault, you should sign in to your vault on another device and ensure that all of your data is present and correct there before allowing the upgrade to iOS 17.4 to start. After the update to 17.4 you will be able to sign in to Kee Vault version 1 again and your data will be restored from the Kee Vault servers. It will look and behave a little differently, settings may have been reset and we can’t offer much advice to help cope with Apple’s changes but we do expect some very basic functionality to remain.

You may also wish to assess the impact of this change on all of your other apps. Any that were installed using a feature like “Add to home screen” and any that describe themselves as “web apps”, “progressive web apps” or “PWAs” are at risk of data loss during the upgrade to iOS 17.4.

Android is not affected by this (but we still recommend upgrading to Kee Vault 2 if you haven’t already).