Up/down arrows backward for item fold/unfold

@dlech Really liking the new UI. But it seems the fold icons are backwards. With entry folded it shows up arrow and vice versa. Obviously doesn’t affect functionality just maybe confuses a few.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m always torn between which way to put those sorts of icons but this appears to be the most widely used and recommended approach so I’ve gone with that to start with. I’m assuming that because this type of interface is so inconsistent across all devices and applications, users just have to get used to the specific way that one individual app works but this is clearly not ideal.

It would be interesting to perform or see some results from user studies relating to the various combinations of arrow directions to see if there is any new consensus forming among users, and whether a user’s opinion of which way they should be orientated is influenced by factors such as what devices they use most frequently or were brought up using at a young age.

lol…Politics, we can’t even agree on UI arrow directions

Really what you chose is most widely used??..an example is right here…check out the how discourse does it in THIS thread with the extra info after the first post. Down arrow showing means click and it unfolds.

just say to me…OK Boomer. :slight_smile: and I’ll live with your choice.