Some entries are not visible

Hi, I`ve same issue.
Some entries are not visible from Kee, especially entries from the HomeBanking section. A few of them are visible, you can search for them from within Kee by name, but some of the entries cannot be found and the only option is to search through KeePass.

What can be done about this?

@Twister I wonder if it’s the same issue as with my bug: Kee browser extension bug - using rather than form.getAttribute('name') - #3 by burtek

Make sure the entries have a valid URL.

PS: I split your post from the other topic since it didn’t seem related to me.

I have the same issue.
Many entries from my KeePass2 database cannot be found in the Firefox extension, including many that have a valid URL.

I just installed Kee for the first time, and this is also happening to me in regards to the search field. Some login/pass combinations cannot be found at all through search.