Solved Non stop pop-up to authorize a new connexion

I had no issue when I used Windows 10.
I started to install windows 11.
And the series of software:

  • firefox 113
  • firefox developper 114
  • keepass 2.53.1
  • plugin KeePassRPC 1.14
  • Kee - Password Manager extention for firefox 3.10.10
    I had a pop-up authorise a new connexion barely visible. The pop-up appeared each 3 seconds and stayed visible 0.5s.
    the symptoms looked like this post. But the windows disn’t remain visible.
    The solution was to go back to plugin KeePassRPC 1.13.
    Then the pop-up for a new conection keep visible on screen, and I succed to link kee extension with keepass via keepassRPC.
    Now there is a link in keepass. I can update to 1.14.


Thanks for the feedback. It will be interesting to hear from anyone else that experiences this issue. In particular I am wondering whether it was necessary to install the old version of the plugin. Maybe just a KeePass restart would have been enough, or maybe uninstalling the plugin, restarting KeePass and then re-installing it again would also work.

As for the underlying reason for this behaviour, I still suspect faults with the operating system (in this case the Windows 11 upgrade) and/or .NET Framework rather than a bug specific to KeePass or KeePassRPC but if more information reveals a pattern we can use that to investigate certain areas more closely in future.

I updated the plugin KeePassRPC with 1.15.1
No issue like previous.
Everything work fine