[SOLVED] Kee and subdomains differentiation

Hi, firstly thank you for your work, it’s a very good plugin !! :slight_smile:

I have many subdomains because I am self-hosting. The problem is that KEE does not differentiate between subdomains. So I always have a very long list of choices and it is painful to use :frowning:

How can KEE detect subdomains and offer me the correct login / password?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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In KeePass, select the password entry you wish to modify and open it for editing. Choose the “Kee” Tab, then the “URLs” tab and change “Minimum URL match accuracy” from Domain to Hostname. Do this for each of the entries affected.

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@Megamind ohhh thank you so much you made my day :slight_smile: <3 . It works perfectly now !!

I did not think to go see in the options of keepass :confused:

Thank you and long life to kee :slight_smile:


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Hi !
Is there a way to do that for all entries in KeePass ? And for new entries ?



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This is documented here: Controlling minimum URL match accuracy for an entry

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