Release notes - KeePassRPC 1.9.0


You can upgrade now by following the usual process.

What’s new

  • Fixed a bug where the default match URL accuracy setting for a database did not apply to entries that contained no existing configuration settings for Kee
  • New icon to suggest the relationship to the Kee browser extension
  • Enable focussing KeePass from Kee when a database is already open
  • Various usability improvements
  • Possible fix for possible bug that prevents multiple browsers connecting to KeePass at exactly the same time on some systems
  • KeeFox configurations from 2012 or earlier within KDBX files that have not been modified since that date will no longer be migrated to the modern configuration format (workaround this if necessary by using KeePassRPC v1.8 to open and save the KDBX file BEFORE loading the file into KeePassRPC v1.9 or higher)

Rollout plan

After a short period of beta testing / validation, we’ll enable the release for KeePass automatic updates. During the week or two after that, all users with KeePass configured to check for updates should see a notification that an update is available.

Using Kee in multiple browsers (Chrome and Firefox), only one works at any given time
Controlling minimum URL match accuracy for an entry
Kee shows a lot of wrong matches