Question about references roadmap

Thank you. Aren’t handling the KeePass’ user/password references still on the roadmap? That would be a killer feature for me…

Please can you be more specific about what you want to be changed about the current functionality? What doesn’t work for you at the moment and how would you like it to work in future?

Thank you. The use case is - when a site has several domains, and it authenticates from each of the domain separately, but using the same account database, I need to create several entries in KeePass. Think (contrived example) and, which have login pages (again, only an example) and

To handle that I have 2 entries in KeePass. But when I change the (example) Amazon password, I need to update 2 entries.

KeePass has the reference mechanism:



The KeePassRPC is not using that, i.e. when there’s a matching entry, it inserts the literal “{REF:…}” into the username and password field.

The feature request would be to handle those 2 references - for username and for password. I remember there was a discussion that it’s insecure, but these 2 references I think pose no danger whatsoever. It’s only a question of whether it is possible for KeePassRPC to find and open the entry referred to and fetch and insert username and password from it.

The same applies to browser extension.


I think the KeePass behaviour is normal and not something we have any influence over.

As for the integration with the browser extension, I’m still not sure exactly what features you are looking for which are not already supported by Placeholder handling

Have you tried enabling the placeholders/references feature?

By the way, this most common of reasons for using references can be more simply solved by just adding a 2nd URL to the Kee “URLs” list in the entry. That way you only need one entry, form filling works on all the URLs and the only potential downside I’m aware of is if you want to use the primary URL within the KeePass interface as your starting point to load the website into your browser. If you’re starting from your browser (e.g. using a bookmark or Google search) that drawback is irrelevant.

There are probably still valid use cases of entry references but in the vast majority of cases they are no longer the best tool for the job.

Hey. I just upgraded to KeePassRPC v2.0.0 and noticed the REF symbols got filled in instead of the referenced fields’ data. It used to work before the upgrade. Browser extension v3.11.13. I’ll provide more testing if needed.

Why not reading the explanation above
and enable the Kee placeholder function
if you need it.

There was a bug in version 2.0.0 which has been fixed:

Do try to move away from relying on the database-wide enabling of placeholders though, when you get a chance.