Problems with KeePassRPC and KeePass (NOT ResX file root element is missing)

LuckyRat posted that the thread: KeePassRPC 1.8.0 is incompatible: “ResX file Root element is missing.”
would now be limited to only ResX file problems, So I have opened this new thread.

I have two KeePassRPC issues that have caused me problems. Others will possibly have others.

  1. In the other thread, LuckyRat said to run KeePass from the command line with the ‘- - debug’ parameter in order to see a more detailed error message. My operating system is Windows 7 (Pro (64 bit) SP1, and Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.1. I am no computer expert, but from what I can determine, the ‘debug’ option will not run on 64 bit Windows. If it will, would someone please post the complete line of command line code required for it to do so?

  2. My browser is Pale Moon (now 27.9.0 [32 bit version]). I know that KeeFox (Kee) is committed to WebExtensions, which Pale Moon does not support. I believe that the latest KeeFox add-on that can be used in Pale Moon is, which is what I run. I currently run KeePass 2.38 with KeePassRPC When I try to use KeePassRPC or KeePassRPC, I get this error message:
    If I close KeePass, and then click on the ‘Upgrade KeeFox’ bar, the only thing that happens is KeeFox DELETES KeePassRPC.plgx, and then neither KeePass nor KeeFox function.

Is their currently a way around this problem, and if not, does Kee plan to support Pale Moon (and similar browsers) at all in the future?

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


Hi Lex,

Unfortunately, if Pale Moon can support only KeeFox 1.4.8 you will be forced to stick with using that old version.

Since all versions of KeeFox prior to 1.7.3 required a (more or less) matching version number for KeePassRPC, this also means it is impossible for you to install a newer version of KeePassRPC into KeePass.

In turn, this limits your maximum possible version of KeePass to 1.38 (due to incompatible changes made by KeePass in version 2.39 and higher).

We can’t support any version of KeeFox earlier than 1.7.3, and even then, we would only work on it if a critical security vulnerability were to be found. After the end of 2018, even this support is likely to be stopped unless other people step up to take over the maintenance work at that point.

If Pale Moon enables support for WebExtensions (the latest browser add-on technology) it should automatically become compatible with Kee 2.x but if there are minor tweaks that we need to do to enable a Pale Moon WebExtensions variant to function, we’d definitely consider that. The same goes for any other browsers based off of old versions of Firefox.

If you still come across a reason to get the debug information, I have just added some more detailed instructions to the troubleshooting page:


Thanks for your thorough response and the more detailed debugging section.

I certainly understand your position, even though for me it is disappointing. You cannot do all things for all browsers. I’ll post your comments on the Pale Moon forum.

I’ll continue to run KeePass & KeeFox (Kee) as I have them now.


I’m having an incompatibility with Keepass 2.39.1 and KeepassRPC 1.8.0.

Nevermind. I have just cleared Plugin cache in Keepass settings and it recompiled the KeepassRPC plugin successfully.