Priorities with HTTP basic auth

Hey everyone,

since upgrading to Firefox 57 and Kee, I’m having problems with HTTP basic auth, which always worked like a charm before.

The new login selection page that pops up when coming across a HTTP basic auth is what’s giving me issues:

  1. You can’t really use it with the keyboard. This seems to be a design decision but slows down my personal day-to-day usage very much.

  2. It lists the strangest entries. When opening for example I’m being propsed entries that contain completely different URLs (like and the actually 100% matching entry is waaaay down in the list.
    Before (without any changes to my database) every htaccess-login was simply pressing enter for me. The correct one was always listed first <= Firefox 56.

With 2) I’m not sure if there might be something wrong on my side. Is there something I can try / check? 1) wouldn’t be that bad if the correct entry wouldn’t be about 50 entries down the list…

Same problem here, and additionally I’m using a web page with some kind of auto reload which results in hundreds of Kee-Popups, up to memory exhaustion and Windows force-closing Firefox… Is there any way to prevent that?

BTW: This is with Kee and Firefox 57.0.2 (64-bit)…