Password Generator

Just upgraded to 3.5.19.

Looks good, but I really miss the old way of generating new passwords.

Is there a new way or are you just referring to it missing?
Please can we have this feature back?
It was very useful and is really annoying doing this without the option in the extension.

You can generate a new password when creating or editing a password in Kee.

The old way would display an overlay in the web page with no association to a specific password. Since this has a number of drawbacks and no clear advantages that I am aware of, it is no longer offered through the Kee popop user interface.

You can still load that old interface via the right-click menu or keyboard shortcut. I intend to remove the old interface entirely soon so I am interested to hear from anyone who can propose reasons to retain it. I do have other enhancements for the new password generator already planned but if there are specific workflows that require the old interface, now is the time to discuss them before the old interface is permanently deleted.

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Is was very handy to generate a random password straight from the Kee Menu. I even had mine setup to generate various lengths 12 16 24 etc.

I used it everytime I signed up for a new account. It was a good feature.


Sometimes you just needed to generate a password to enter into a field without saving a credential to the database. Being able to do that from the toolbar icon and choose a generator rule to create it with was quite handy.

I miss this feature too.

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The old password generator has been replaced in Kee 3.6, which will be available for beta testing soon, so install the current beta version if you haven’t already.

I’ve added the new password generator to another place too so you will also be able to get to it by using the new feature in the main Kee popup menu.

Also note that the default keyboard shortcut will change to Alt+Shift+G. That’s explained in the updated documentation.