No search or list of logins in panel/popup/dropdown

You can change the default behavior for your Keepass URLs either individually for each entry or globally so that they open in whatever browser you choose. See the instructions here under “Placeholders” and “Changing the URL Handler (URL Override).”

I’d like to register another vote to please reinstate the login list as soon as you can.
I’m seriously contemplating reverting to FireFox v56 so that I can get my old KeeFox back. :slight_smile:

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did the url override works great. I figured out how to change site names to put them in order of use instead of the jumbled mess that it was. Now I can launch directly off the database list

Reverted to previous versions of Firefox and KeeFox. This was only solution for me as “search list” option is a must for me.

Since the latest Firefox update Keepass has changed to Kee and I can no longer access a list of saved logins from the taskbar when not on a page with a saved password. Can i get this function back?

Thanks komir. I did the same. I have downgraded and I have Keefox working again… As certain wise man said: “No always the newest is the best” (that aply to many things in the life :grinning:)

I’m really not liking the new firefox/keefox combo and contemplating rolling back.

In the mean time, I notice when I click on kee to save the last login, it gives me the list of all the categories I can save that login too. What prevents this list be brought up when you are browsing so that you can use it like we use to with Keefox?

the old Version 1.7x shows me the Links (URL) and i was able to click on the Link. In the Version I miss this.

Yes, you are not alone and this has been discussed at length. See the reply from the developer here.

Hopefully some form of this feature will be implemented in a future version for those who use it.

Yes I did like this feature but for those missing it takes me just one click to bring up keepass and search and copy to clipboard there.

Also for those who don’t know you can add additional urls in the kee tab of your entry so it will match.

Also you can use autotype tab of entry for non firefox (stand alone programs) who require logins.

That should take care of most need of this feature.

I’ve always preferred this method myself, except instead of copying to clipboard I just double-click on the URL in the Keepass window.

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I just also want to voice my support for getting this feature back in any way possible.

I don’t envy the developers. If they don’t find a solution pdq, they’re going to stall the uptake of Keepass and reduce password security across the piece. An ironic outcome from Mozilla’s push for increased security through Web Extensions.

Its obvious from all the contributions above that Login searching is a (possibly THE) primary function and losing it renders Kee virtually useless. We don’t need a browser based password manager that doesn’t do what we expect it to do. Might as well just stick with Keepass and copy and paste the usernames and passwords as we need them. I have over 700 secure passwords stored and the suggestion that I should set up 700 bookmarks to match is bordering on insane.

More importantly, I have spent years cajoling my own clients, friend and family into using secure password managers and the ONE THING that has persuaded most of them to give it a chance is the dual functionality represented by the Login search facility. When I demonstrate (prior to the current debacle, obviously) the ability to go to their bank site (or whatever) AND login, just by typing the first few characters of the site they need, the eyebrows raise and they’re hooked.

I cannot even imagine how I’m going to persuade any new users to use this sawn off version. Most will take the rational view that the browsers’ own built in password managers are an easier option and likely to be more stable and better supported.

I wish I could offer something more positive, like a solution, but browser security is outside my field. While I understand some of the basic security issues they (Mozilla) have addressed, particularly the need to prevent browsers acting outside their domain, if the result is to kill off the use of secure password managers, the net security effect on those who rely on them is likely to be negative.

All I can tell you is that unless this issue is resolved by a full return to the Login Searching, this project is likely doomed.

PS: Icing on the cake. Like another user (kwalker) above, I’ve just noticed that having used Kee to generate a new password for setting up my account to join this forum and create this post, it hasn’t saved the new account details and I’ve just copied the url of this thread so I can keep track of it. In the process, I’ve wiped all trace of my new password. Brilliant.

That one I DO blame developers for. If the new rules don’t permit the old functionality on something as important as new account creation, you should at least warn users - in real time and every time - that they’ll need to store the details manually. (which will put a few more off using the system in the first place but will at least prevent cockups like this)

I use Waterfox instead of Firefox, it is better anyway and they try stay compatible with old addons!
So I just use the latest KeeFox version which runs without any issues.
No way I can use it without the search function.

Since this seems to be a lost cause, I spent part of my day reviewing most of the other password managers out there. I wasn’t able to find one that was both free (I have 100+ passwords) and worked with Firefox, other than Lastpass, which I left for KeePass after Logmein bought it.

My question to others is: What password manager would you switch to if you abandon KeePass?


Hi there,

First of all: Thanks for your time, this is by far my most used plugin and it’s great.

Just a bit of an issue with the most recent update. Prior to the update, if you were on a page that had a login saved, if you pressed on the “Kee” button on your browser, it would show the user/password saved and you’d be able to right click it directly from this drop down.

With the update, if I’m on any page (active login for the site I’m on or not) and press mentioned Kee button, it simply says “You’re logged into your database”. Which seemingly removed the above functionality that I mentioned that made it that much more easy to login (for sites that require you to retype passwords or don’t detect keystrokes). With this removed functionality, I have to reopen my KeePass database and copy it manually once again.

Is there any way that this change could be reverted, or maybe add the active logins to the drop down as it was before?

Thanks again,

On github i found the following remark, and this issue was closed?
Unfornately, i might be doing something wrong, but this does not seem to enable this feature!
I can see and use the login for the web page i am on, but i do not see a list with all the logins!

The 2.2 beta enables this feature.

If you’re a new beta tester, please use if you’re installing on Firefox or if Chrome.

Existing beta testers will receive an update in the next day or so.

The only issue on GitHub I’m aware of that relates to this is #7 which enables search functionality. As discussed in that issue, there are no plans to include an independent group browsing list in Kee at this time so you can either use the group browsing list in KeePass or type a few characters of the item you’re looking for into the search box. The latter is typically the fastest possible way to find an entry, especially in Chrome (or Firefox once they fix the focussing bug in a month or two).

Thank you for you’re answer!
Too bad that this function is the reason i started using Keefox, and my understanding is that a lot of users have that same motivation.
Regrettably without that login listing using Kee is not an option.
Hopefully this will change in the (near) future.
For now i will be using Keefox 1.7.2 in the Firefox alternative named Waterfox.
Everything still works very good with this combination!