No search or list of logins in panel/popup/dropdown

Clicking on the Kee icon (Firefox 56.0.2) no longer lists the logins…
“List logins from all open KeePass” databases" is checked on the options page.



I am having the same problem. This is making keefox unusable.

I am experiencing the same issue

While I understand that this was expected in the new version (from the Kee 2.0 features post) I would like to add my feedback that this is a key feature which streamlined the log-in process. Please bring it back!

(There is also a github issue:

I am experiencing the same issue

I hadn’t followed the 2.0 development tbh, and if correct and this was expected… that’s just bad. Means I’ll have to add favorites instead of relying on KeeFox… which if I only used this on a single machine would be fine, but I use it on multiple, ugh! Yes, this needs to be brought back.

Same here, this makes it unusable for me.
Pleeease bring this back.

KeePass 2.37
KeePassRPC 1.7.3
FireFox 57.0

Same problem :frowning:

Turned off all other Firefox plugins.
Tried various settings in the Kee plugin to no avail.
Verified that KeePassRPC plugin “connects”.

I rely on using Kee and KeePass everyday. Just doesn’t work at this time. I would love to make a donation to help fix :slight_smile:

EDITED to note that Kee is WORKING :slight_smile: But, the dropdown list of all logins for all websites just does not show. I seems that all other functionality is working. Matched logins, saving passwords, etc.

Agreed a fundamental part of my use was the ability to access my carefully managed list of URLs to login to various websites. I use across multiple PCs at home and work and use it to manage both personal and work based logins - not having that list makes it all but useless to me now. Keepass contains dozens of logins for customers, work, personal.

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Not being able to search my KeePass from this Add-on diminishes the usefulness. I can’t believe such a (caution pun ahead) “kee” feature would be removed.

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@jbsylr This feature was not removed by choice, but because the technology that made it possible in versions of Firefox prior to 57 is no longer available under FF 57+ due to the forced migration to webExtensions.

I’d refer anyone concerned about this to follow the links @smallid posted above to the Kee Features post (see the section on “No Searching for Logins”) and the GitHub topic on the same subject.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.

While @Megamind is correct about the underlying cause for the removal of this feature (WebExtensions forced migration and missing technology in the new Firefox compared to the older versions), I have hope that the latest version of Firefox or at least some of the versions that will be released soon will offer a way for this feature to be redeveloped in a new way - it’s just not going to be a 5 minute job (and since I needed every spare minute to even get the basics implemented in time, this feature had to wait).

Please do contribute to the discussion on GitHub - so far it seems like there are two main use cases of the search feature and we may not be able to implement both. It’s early days yet but the initial feedback seems to suggest that people were mainly using the functionality to replace Firefox bookmarks.

I know it’s not as convenient and certainly an unwanted change but the workarounds described on GitHub will hopefully reduce the pain until we can define and schedule the work to add this feature to Kee 2.0.

PS: @jbsylr wins the secret competition for first use of the rather predictable Kee pun :tada::gift:

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Will that be available for Chrome version of Kee?

Thank you! I absolutely must have the search feature - we are web developers and have hundreds of logins that often will share subdomains and not having the search almost makes this unusuable.

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Like the other comments, not having logins in the drop down in firefox, is a problem here but additionally, the Generate Password function doesn’t seem to have a way to record the password. I just set up an account for this board and since it didn’t ask whether I wanted to save the login, I have no idea what password was generated.

the Generate Password function doesn’t seem to have a way to record the password

It’s in the clipboard obviously, but additionally it seems to be placed in your KeePass database in the same “KeeFox/KeeFox Generated Password Backups” group that was previously used by KeeFox. I would guess that if you exit both your browser and your KeePass without saving your KeePass database these backups will probably be lost.

I’m not anticipating any notable differences between the Firefox and Chrome version.

Usually I don’t take part in discussions, but not being able to search is really a major issue.

I don’t understand these kind of improvements. Keepass was just fine - I didnt’ want any changes. It worked as I needed it to work.

This search was the only reason I still used firefox (which has a lot of other disadvantages concerning speed and stability)

Without this search, I’ll move to chrome, which is much faster and more stable - an I will endure the major pain of copying and pasting passwords via the clipboard.

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Totaly agree with you. I managed to do downgrade :grinning:, disabled update function and hope this version will last a long time :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting involved.

Unfortunately Firefox forced Kee and all other addons to make significant changes to the way they work and features they are allowed to offer.

Firstly, note that at least for me, Firefox 57 is far more stable and faster than Chrome so if that’s the only reason to move, it might be worth giving Firefox 57 a chance. Secondly, if you do move to Chrome you can install Kee there too (in beta testing at the moment) so when we can reimplement the search feature, you’ll have it in whichever browser you use.