New feature : compliancy with 2FA / OTP

Hello all,

Before using Keepass and Kee for firefox, I have used 1Password for long time.
And in the Kee universe , there is a feature that I miss a lot :

“Autofill login + password, and then copy the otp password that was previously stored in clipboard”

In this way users will avoid to go to Kee Pass, select the correct entry, type +T, come back to web site and paste.

Any chance that this feature would be implemented ?

This doesn’t make sense to me so I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for.

Have you looked into using a Placeholder along with the TOTP KeePass plugin? Is that the same as you’re used to?

Meanwhile, I found the placeholder feature which works good.
Still I think this is not convenient as store the otp code in clipboard because of the non-standardization of the otp field’s name/id.
With the current solution, I have (for each new service) to :

  1. check the name / id of the otp field
  2. put them in the Kee whitelist + in the Kee tab in Keepass

With the 1Password solution, it’s stored in clipoard so I have just to +V. Et voilà.

Sounds like what you’re asking for is the ability to tie basic scripting to the end of the autofill process (whether that’s exposed to the user or not). That doesn’t seem like a simple implementation, but it could be usable. And admittedly, I’d use the copy OTP side of it for things like steam, which uses an entry style placeholders can’t (currently) work with.