Mozilla plugin signed


All of a sudden, Firefox has disabled the Kee plugin.

Can you organise the update please?


Hi, I have seen the same. Would be great to know how to fix it

I was looking for a way to disable the signing check:

and also ended up here:

As we can see, they are aware there’s a signing issue causing this, so thankfully they’re working on it.

Frustrating as there’s Firefox plugins (like Kee) which I rely on.

Updates are here:

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Thanks for reporting the problem. I see that they are supposedly posting updates to

Although their servers appear to have crashed under the load of people trying to find out what is going on so we may know nothing more until it is all fixed.

I’ll post an announcement when there is something useful to say but right now there’s no practical workaround for most users, no ETA for a fix and no confirmation of cause (although an expired certificate is the glaringly obvious top candidate it’s not the only possibility).

Today Firefox have blocked Kee as “not verified” extension!!! What can i do??? Please help!

Other extensions too!!

Thanks!!! I’ll wait then

I still can’t install the kee add-on on Firefox 66.0.4… Can anybody help?

I just posted an update to the announcement to keep all the information together. Hopefully that helps you.

Resetting the master password helped! Thanks a lot!!