Kee won't turn on

I had to reinstall Firefox (Windows 10), and after reinstalling Kee, it will no longer turn on. It was working fine before. I’m using KeePass (not vault). KeePass is running. Everything is up to date, including Firefox, Keepass and plugins. When I try to go through the Kee tutorial, I get “It looks like you don’t have Kee installed in your web browser.” But it is installed and I can see the icon. When I go to add-ons and click “options” for Kee, I just get taken to a blank page. I’m not running any of the add-ons that conflict with Kee. The port looks right. I’m not running anti-virus except for what’s included in Windows. I’ve tried re-installing and that didn’t work. I’m not sure what else to try.

I have the same problem. On my debian it used to work since yesterday. I even upgraded to the beta version but that did not solve the problem.

Have you checked that the Kee browser plugin uses the same port
which is configured in the KeePassRPC plugin ?

I ended up refreshing Firefox again, which removes all extensions. I installed Kee first and it worked. I believe one of my other extensions was preventing the Kee installation process from completing, so it wasn’t fully installed. I wasn’t getting the pop-up with the security code until after removing all of my extensions. Everything works now.

Same here. I had to reset firefox a second time. Now the kee addon is working again.