Kee icon greyed out

Hi everyone,

I have an issue similar to this post :
Greyed kee icon and blank option page after installing kee extension.
But for me cleaning Firefox profile multiple times didn’t helped nor uninstalling/installing Firefox.
I’m on a multiuser machine in a domain and I have no issue on other user’s profile, just this one. Kee is working fine on Edge for this problematic user.

Any idea of what’s going on here ?
How can I troobleshoot further ?


Anyone can give me some lead on this please ?

Still occuring.

Check the troubleshooting documentation first.

What do you mean by “blank option page”?

If a problem with Firefox or the profile causes Kee to fail to start at all, there might be clues in the log (again, described in the above page).

Note that “refreshing” a Firefox profile isn’t as destructive as creating a whole new profile from scratch so it’s possible that if that’s what you’ve tried so far, it has not actually repaired the underlying problem with the profile - so if that’s the case, take backups and try a complete new profile.