Kee Vault known issues

This documents known issues with Kee Vault.

Issues relating to the beta testing period are documented separately.

Issues that may be fixed one day

  • Exporting does not work in Firefox Android PWA (only when added to the Android home screen from Firefox). Works fine in Firefox Android and Chrome PWA so most likely is a Firefox bug. Possibly relates to this brief Reddit discussion
  • If you (1) change your master password on one device, (2) have your vault open on a 2nd device at the same time, (3) attempt to save a change on the 2nd device and then (4) enter the wrong password into the prompt that appears, then you will sometimes have to refresh the app once on the 2nd device to restore normal saving behaviour. While it’s quite an edge case and so not 100% battle tested, we don’t think this results in any data loss - all changes should be synced correctly from the offline cached version when you next log in with your new password (it should behave the same as if you had to forcibly close the browser tab while unsaved changes had failed to sync due to an internet connection failure).

Issues we don’t plan to address

  • Offline access is only available once your email verification and initial sign-in has been completed. In other words, going offline immediately after registering for an account will not allow access to your recently created Vault.

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