Kee should offer to only use some databases


Hi there
I love Kee(Fox), but I have an awful lot of Databases open, most of them are for company-wide infrastructure and quite often also match in Kee because they use the same domainname of course. However I’d only want to use two of those databases for Kee, the rest should be ignored. Since the other DBs are shared among multiple people, it’s not practical to mark each and every entry as ignored by Kee on an entry base, instead I’d love to see some configuration in Kee to whitelist the databases used inside Firefox.
What do you think?

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Yeah I can see how that would be useful in some situations. It’s probably a relatively unusual situation to be in though so I’d probably not prioritise work on this personally in the medium term.

If anyone else is interested, I’d suggest using the root Group UUID to identify the database in Kee and offering the option to work in “normal”, “white” or “black” list mode. If not in “normal” mode, display a transient notification popup the first few times a new database UUID is seen by Kee - clicking on it can then take the user to the relevant sections of the add-on options to allow configuring the behaviour.

Just in case you can safely disable Kee for all users of all personally unwanted databases, you could use a workaround now: Create a new top-level group called something like “this group disables Kee”, keep it empty and then set that as the Kee Home/start group.

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Thank you, I had the same problem with disabling unwanted databases, which is a huge inconvenience since we’re trying to put our db management on another level.