KeePassRPC Home Group

The Home group (and associated subgroups) contains the password entries available to Kee.

Changing the Home Group

The Home group can be changed by right-clicking a group in the left column of KeePass and selecting “Set as Kee Home group”

Alternatively, you can change the group by editing the group settings (e.g. by right-clicking on a group in the KeePass list of groups). The “edit group” dialog box allows you to:

  • View the visibility of the group according to Kee
  • Set the group to be the Kee Home group
  • [DEPRECATED]: Configure different Home groups depending upon your current location (as defined by the “Use this location” setting in the “KeePass” tab in KeeFox options). This can be useful to access different passwords at work and home, although you could also consider using multiple databases. Since this functionality was never used, it has been removed from current versions of Kee and we currently expect to remove the feature from a future KeePassRPC release.