Kee (pass) is showing big red OFF logo and I cannot open it

i’m using mint 18.2 too and i never had this problem.
Just follow these instructions step by step

# add ppa repo to access latest version of KeePass
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:jtaylor/keepass

# update local repo details to ensure the latest KeePass is selected later
sudo apt-get update

# Install Mono
sudo apt-get install mono-complete

# Install KeePass
sudo apt-get install keepass2

# Create plugins folder
sudo mkdir /usr/lib/keepass2/plugins

# Install curl and jq (required only for ease of installing the latest version of KeePassRPC)
sudo apt install curl
sudo apt install jq

# Put the latest version of KeePassRPC into the plugins folder created earlier
curl -s | jq -r ".assets[] | select(.name | test(\"KeePassRPC.plgx\")) | .browser_download_url" | xargs sudo curl -s -L -o "/usr/lib/keepass2/plugins/KeePassRPC.plgx"
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