Using Kee with Kee Vault and KeePass

Most people will find that using just one of either Kee Vault or KeePass is ideal but in some circumstances, such as use by contractors or small businesses, there may be a desire to have the Kee browser extension work with both at the same time.

For users with a Premium subscription Kee will work with both Kee Vault and KeePass.

For users without a Premium subscription Kee will connect to whichever password manager it finds first. In normal usage this would usually be Kee Vault but sometimes it will be KeePass.

Remember that users with a Supporter subscription (the cheapest plan) will normally be in the “non-Premium” category but as part of our special launch offer, Supporters get all features of the Premium subscription until we are ready to launch the Premium subscription in the 2nd half of 2019 at the earliest. So, for the time-being, if you have an active Kee Vault trial or Supporter subscription, you can work with both Kee Vault and KeePass at the same time.

To make Kee work with…
Kee Vault: Open Kee Vault using the browser in which Kee is installed.
KeePass: Ensure that KeePassRPC is installed and configured correctly and then run KeePass.

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We use Keepass. We use Google Chrome as a browser.
Is is the next configuration possible:

  • user opens URL
  • user has to fill in username and password to login
  • at this moment the user is presented an option to save its credential in Keepass?
    With kind regards,
    Ben Raben, The Netherlands