Kee Manager plugin not doing anything since 2 days

I have been a happy user of KeeFox for many years and it used to work as expected.
Recently something has done some changes to my configuration and left me alone with all my login screens not being completed any more. I have to manually copy user names and passwords from KeePass into all websites in order to login.
I assume, some automatic upgrade has put me on Version 3.5.19 of Kee Manager. Not sure, if this has anything to do with former KeeFox.
What steps do I need to take in order to get Kee Manager 3.5 working or get back my old working Version from last week.
I am running Firefox 79.0 (64-bit), KeePass 2.45 and KeePassRPC 1.12.1
I have already removed and re-installed Kee Manager, but it did not change anything.
Any Help is appreciated.

Found a fix from user @Tash_Rockski in topic “Kee not working for all sites except google

“… Turns out I had an older version of the RPC plugin …
Double check under “Tools > Plugins” that only one KeePassRPC (1.21.1) is listed. If not, you can resize the columns to get the full path of the duplicates, remove them from your file system and restart KP2. …”

This fixed the issue in my case.
Thanks Tash_Rockski for sharing !!

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