Kee not working for all sites except google

I’m using Kee on both my notebook and my computer. On my notebook everything works fine. On my computer Kee is not showing my data for many websites, it does not show the icon for autofill. The only website I know that Kee is working on is Google, where it shows the icon.

Please ensure you are using at least version 3.5.19 or Kee on both computers and that you have recently refreshed the Kee Vault application, or installed version 1.12.1 of the KeePassRPC.plgx plugin to KeePass.

If that does not resolve the problem, please provide more information about your system to help us identify what might be different about the setup on the computer that does not work.

I’m using 3.5.19 of Kee and 1.12.1 of KeepassRPC.plgx on my PC. I just retested it with my notebook which used the previous version and it worked. I updated it and now I have the same issue as on my PC.
The only other plugins that I have are Favicon Downloader (1.9) and Sequencer (0.1.1), those didn’t get an update.

I had a related issue. Turns out I had an older version of the RPC plugin in a different file location than “plugins”.

Double check under “Tools > Plugins” that only one KeePassRPC (1.21.1) is listed. If not, you can resize the columns to get the full path of the duplicates, remove them from your file system and restart KP2. This should fix the issue.

Only the latest version is installed.
Edit: I just exported my whole database into a new one, with the same Keepass settings, and it works.