Kee & KeePass multiple database permissions

I set up Kee via KeePass -> KeePassRPC and stumbled upon a problem that if I use two or more KeePass databases and only want to give Kee access to one of them then I cannot find how to set those access rights.
What I tried with no success:

  • Set Kee advanced settings in browser “When opening or logging in to KeePass, use this database file”
  • KeePass -> KeePassRPC options - seems to be program specific and cannot speify database specific options.
  • KeePas File -> Database settings -> Kee - did not find anything relatable to give/deny db access.
  • KeePass Group -> Edit group -> Kee - did not find option to control access. Maybe the Location manager does smoething but i doubt it.

Other thing I noticed is that if KeePass is not in single instance mode (Options->Advanced->“Limit to single instance” is unchecked) then Kee sees only one instance, does not matter which windows is minimized or last active. That actually is kind of dirty fix for my problem but then have to remember to open KeePass databases in specific order to have the right one accessible in Kee and this is dangerously error prone.

Is there something I’m overlooking or is it currently not possible to set database level access rights?

In my case a good solution would be to have no rights to any database by default and have a setting to give each database an access right. Also using multiple instances to work but I think this might be tricky as then KeePassRPC should have different TCP listen ports and that already sounds messy.

Simpler almost as good solution would be a setting in browser Kee options like the “When opening or logging in to KeePass, use this database file” but with “Only” option. So when some other database is opened in KeePass then Kee is in OFF state and only goes ON when specific database file is open.

I could also use different KeePass installs where one has KeePassRPC plugin and other does not but that also is too error prone to accidentally open wrong database on wrong instance.

TLDR: Need to give Kee acces to only specific KeePass database but Kee has access to whatever database is currently open in KeePass, including ones that should not be opened or modified by plugins.

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