Individual entry override of Placeholder setting no longer works

Hey Chris!

To me it seems that 1.15.1 broke support for references in username + password fields when placeholders are not enabled database-wide, but only in individual entries.

Can you please check that?


I can confirm that this feature no longer works. It does not work in the previous version of KeePassRPC either so I suspect a change to KeePass has occurred at some point. Since it’s not related to KeePassRPC 1.15.1 I’ve split this into a new topic.

Did you also upgrade your version of KeePass recently? If so, do you know which version it used to work with? If we can narrow down which exact KeePass version contains a change that breaks this feature that would help us to identify the cause and see what we can do to re-instate the feature.

I’m currently using KeePass 2.54 with KeePassRPC 1.15.1.
Interestingly, this issue seems to only affect newly created entries (I did it trough “Duplicate Entry…” with the option “Replace user names and passwords by references” ticked).
I have a few older entries with references in username + password fields and the placeholder settings adjusted accordingly (references enabled for username + password) and these still work fine with the aforementioned versions.

Ok, I got it now.
It really does only affect newly created entries.
And it works fine using KeePass 2.54 and KeePassRPC 1.14.0, so it seems to really be caused by KeePassRPC 1.15.1.

@luckyrat Any news on this one?

Afraid not. My tests indicated it was not due to a change in KeePassRPC but yours indicated the opposite so I’m no closer to having any clues as to what might have changed and when so I have no starting point for investigating the cause or solution to this. Maybe someone else will be able to provide some additional clues from their own testing.