KeePassRPC 1.15.1 now available

The latest release of our KeePass plugin KeePassRPC is available for installation - Release 1.15.1 · kee-org/keepassrpc · GitHub

If you’re using Kee Vault as your password manager this news won’t be relevant but users of the KeePass desktop application on Windows/Mac/Linux will want to upgrade to get the following improvements:

  • The management of existing client connections for the latest KeePass version is re-enabled (by adding support for the new custom config format in KeePass 2.54)
  • Improved readability on Linux (mono) dark themes
  • Prevents accidental editing of dropdown select values
  • Fixes a crash when pressing Del on keyboard in Form field list box with no item selected
  • Fixes crashes on Mono (Mac/Linux) when trying to show a message
  • Stops KeePass menus growing too large when used over an RDP connection

Advice on how to perform the upgrade of this KeePass plugin are available at: Upgrading KeePassRPC

As usual, we will delay the roll-out of the KeePass update notification to everyone for a short time but that doesn’t stop you from upgrading now. Please do let us know if you find any new problems with this version, after carefully reviewing the usual troubleshooting guide of course.

Note that the minimum version of KeePass required has been increased to 2.48 - that’s already a couple of years old so we hope nobody is using even that version anymore, let alone earlier ones but if that is you, just upgrade to the latest KeePass version to fix any incompatibility messages or errors you come across.

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