Fire Auto-Type from Kee extension or OTP support


after some searches, I’ve not been able to find a way to fire the KeePass “Auto-Type” command from Kee extension.
Does this feature exist ? Otherwise this would be great improvement.

I’m looking to do so for some websites that require an OTP. I generate those OTP by a KeePass plugin (KeeOtp2) and the Auto-Type entry is the easiest way to fill-in the username and password, then submit then fill-in the OTP generated by the KeePass plugin.

I have another idea though: make Kee extension able to generate an OTP from KeePass.


Kee doesn’t trigger the AutoType feature and I don’t think it’s something we’re likely to want to add in future.

We are likely to add some improved support for TOTPs in future but in the meantime, it is possible to use the placeholders feature (KeePass only, not Kee Vault) - Placeholder handling - but bear in mind if we add more specific TOTP support in future, you might have to reconfigure the entry at that time.