Feature Request: Find Entries without URL / Search and Update Entries



You have an Entry in your database with Username and Password. This entry contains only Title, Username and Password.
You go to the login page of the website. Now you go to Kee and search for the entry. But kee is not finding it because the url of the website ist not included in the entry.

ok what Can you do?
You have to copy & paste from Keepass to enter the site.

…ok whats next? yes: you can update the existing entry because you want that Kee is recognizing the entry to make it easier next time.

Step 2:
You hit save last login and search for the Title of the existing entry. But Kee never finds this entry, because the entry you are searching for contains not any url. Thats the same reason you was not find it in Step 1

Is it possible to make some changes for this issue?

Thanks in advance


I have the same issue. Described it over here: Consider entries in keepass without a URL when updating existing entry