Feature Request: Find Entries without URL / Search and Update Entries

You have an Entry in your database with Username and Password. This entry contains only Title, Username and Password.
You go to the login page of the website. Now you go to Kee and search for the entry. But kee is not finding it because the url of the website ist not included in the entry.

ok what Can you do?
You have to copy & paste from Keepass to enter the site.

…ok whats next? yes: you can update the existing entry because you want that Kee is recognizing the entry to make it easier next time.

Step 2:
You hit save last login and search for the Title of the existing entry. But Kee never finds this entry, because the entry you are searching for contains not any url. Thats the same reason you was not find it in Step 1

Is it possible to make some changes for this issue?

Thanks in advance

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I have the same issue. Described it over here: Consider entries in keepass without a URL when updating existing entry

yes, thats true. It will be great, if Kee was searching for all entries when you type into the search field. Weather they have a url or not. If you find the right Credential, you can just update the entry after login. And also (if you have luck) the favicon will be added to the updated entry, too


But I’m wondering that ( @luckyrat ) does not give any reaction according this behavior.

I’ve responded to similar questions a couple of times over the years, although possibly not in the era of this support forum :slight_smile:

I’m not ruling out changes in this area but they would be a low priority in my opinion because this is a one-time problem due to incomplete data. Although irritating for new users and therefore more important than a lot of other low-frequency problems, the truth is that the problem goes away after one login rather than re-occurring every time one tries to log in to the website in question.

My advice for improving the data quality in the KeePass database to work better with Kee would be in two parts:

First, when you search KeePass for the matching entry that has no URL, edit it in KeePass to give it a URL by copy/pasting from the browser address bar. Once you save the KeePass database and return to the browser (possibly reloading the page if required by that particular website) Kee should match the password and you’ll then be at stage two, already described here:

Thank you for responce. Actually you’re right but why there is a limitation to display only entries with url?
The only situation for using Kee, is by surfing with Firefox on PC. However, Kee is not the only way to make new entries in Keepass database. But I’m sure that creation of new entries with Kee is more comfortable than with Keepass and also the Favicon will be created, too. Also it is easier for handling (instead of switching back to Keepas and do a workaround with copy&paste)

If you find a suitable time in this case, then I believe that we all become even happier.
Thank you for your work.

To keep the list of entries focussed to only those that are relevant to web browsing. As you say, KeePass can be used in lots of other ways so some databases can contain hundreds or thousands of entries that are simply irrelevant when browsing the internet.

Arguably, the last 10 years has seen a shift away from desktop app passwords towards web apps so this reasoning is not as strong as it once was but it’s not entirely invalid (and might never be).

An additional option worth considering is to use the KeePass XML Replace feature in order to migrate all Titles to the URL field similar to the opposite operation described at https://keepass.info/help/v2/xml_replace.html#copyurls

Swap the word Title and URL in the “Find What” section and you may have a way to fix up your database without needing to wait for any new developments in Kee. Make sure you have a working backup before using that advanced feature though.

I’m unsure what this will do. Does it replace a blank URL Field with the Title field?
Which options 1/2/3 are to choose here?