Consider entries in keepass without a URL when updating existing entry

I have a lot of “legacy” entries in my keepass database that don’t have a URL assigned. Kee therefore does not find them when I visit the site. That is ok, I don’t expect it to do so.

However, what is really cumbersome is that when I login to the site manually and choose ‘Save latest login’, the entry I just copied the password from does not show up in “existing entries”. I have to create a new entry and later delete the old one. It would be really great if Kee could just search the database for all entries that match the hostname of the current site or something like that. This would allow me step by step assign URLs to all my legacy keepass entries.

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I have the exactly same problem.
Did you find any workaround?

Nope. I am now usually creating a new entry and delete the old one. Pretty cumbersome though.

Yes! Thank you!
I would add that when you search by clicking on the Kee icon in the tool bar, the search there should also search by title. That way, I could select the matching entry from there without having to type or lookup the password and then I can have Kee update it afterward.