Ebay login is not recognized by Kee (Firefox + Chrome)

seems that Ebay has a new login page. Can anyone else confirm that ebay logins are not recognized by Kee? I have tried with Firefox 63 (Kee / RPCplugin 1.8)


Is there any statement for this issue?


See this discussion:

I can confirm this.
Same to me.

I’m having the same issue (using Waterfox 56.2.3).

I don’t use it enough to notice a new sign in page but it worked when I just tested it a minute ago.

On the other hand, a 2nd test has failed so it seems to be intermittent.

I think it is randomly choosing some different login pages from time to time.

I’ve found 3 different ones without much effort (although in theory these URLs may not appear exactly the same for everyone so bear that in mind):


Hopefully one or the other of those will work for everyone so you might just have to bookmark some different URLs to reduce the risk of you getting caught up in Ebay’s experiments.

When it fails there is no clear reason from the Kee debug logs so I would need many hours to get to the bottom of it. Since the site seems to still broadly work, I won’t be prioritising that straight away but will take a look at some point. In the mean time, if anyone spots any way of reliably reproducing the problem and can highlight some relevant difference between the different login pages, that would be helpful for when I get to spend more time on this.

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Hello Luckyrat,
it seems Germany is not working any more:
I waitet some weeks before reporting this - but the new login-page seems to be stable…

Same issue with ebay here.

Interesting. It’s not working for me at that URL either, though I haven’t been having issues, since I never use that URL. I always use the sign-in link on the main page which leads to https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn&ru= (if I just put https:// signin. ebay. com/ it redirects to https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SellItem which also works, but only by manually having Kee fill it out). So it seems they have several different sign-in pages, some that work great, some that sort of work, and some that don’t work at all. None of this is a surprise; eBay is a total mess and has been for a long time.

Kee won’t autofill any ebay login links that I can find anymore.

I’ve done a bit of debugging and the problem seems to be that ebay is clearing punycode. Eg a breakpoint on page.js:704 shows that punycode is undefined.

As a test I tried adding to the bottom of common.js:
utils.punycode = window.punycode;
and then globally replacing punycode with utils.punycode, eg page.js:704:
url.hostname = utils.punycode.toUnicode(url.hostname);
and now all the signin pages I can find seem to work.

Obviously this is just a hack; what would be the correct fix to put punycode into Kee’s browser-addon namespace?

HTH and thanks, Chris

That’s fun! Thanks for the investigation @chriskemp. This must be due to a Firefox bug (ebay does not have permission to change the scope that Kee executes in) - I’m tracking a workaround for it on GitHub and hope to have a development release available within a day.

I’ll keep punycode (and any other global variables that can be affected by this bug) in the global scope since that’s how those libraries are designed to be used and I don’t want to risk further issues by changing the integration method at this time.

I’ve put the workaround into a build for the upcoming Kee version 2.4.

It’s unsigned as with all development builds so you’ll need to use Firefox Developer edition (or Nightly) to be able to install it but if anyone does get a chance to do this in the next few days and report back, that would be helpful before I release to the beta channel next week.

Hello Luckyrat,
confirmed - it works.
Tested with

Thanks for your engagement! :-):smiley: :+1:

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