Domain level URL matching doesn't work as expected

Say I have an entry with “https: // domain .tld” as the URL. (Ignore the spaces. Apparently I can only have 2 links in a post, so it’s a work around)

Despite having “Minimum URL match accuracy” set to “Domain” in both the individual entry AND the “Kee” tab of “Domain Settings” the entry is only recognized if it’s a match at the subdomain level. If the login page is https://subdomain.domain.tld/login then the only way to make it work is either changing the URL to https: // subdomain .domain. tld or adding https://.*?.domain.tld as an “Additional URL” match. The former solution is too specific (If I have to put en. wikipedia .org in the URL, then it won’t work on de. wikipedia .org) and the latter isn’t something I should have manually to do to each and every entry just to get it to work as expected.

There should be no need to apply any solution - the expectation you described is the normal behaviour and I’ve just verified that it still works for me.

Thus, I suggest reading Problems when KeePass can't determine a domain name using the PSL

I can confirm that I’m missing “publicSuffixDomainCache.txt” but I can’t get it to generate no matter what I do. I have put the following item in KeePass.config.xml:


With any number of locations (c:\Temp, the full paths for the KP folder under both %appdata% and %localappdata%, a folder I manually created c:\KeepassPSL) and it never gets created.