Conflicting quick access icons in password entry boxes (Vault (Selection icon) and - for example - (View icon to see password in clear text))

Many fields on many different websites show an icon to view the password you are typing in clear text to check, if you are entering your password correctly. The usual position of this view icon (mostly an eye) conflicts with the KeePass Icon to select the correct entry from the database(s) ). Is there an option to reposition the selection icon either on the outside of the box or - if not possible - in the inside of the box, but more to the left side of a box?

The behaviour is not currently configurable. We haven’t identified a configuration option that would be understandable and easy enough to use while still solving all instances of this sort of conflict with the website. There are new browser technologies (such as intersection observers) which might allow us to decrease the chance of an overlap occurring without resorting to the addition of additional configuration switches for people to learn.

The problem is very much on my radar and I hope to be able to give some more detailed thought to how to improve the situation later in the year.

Until then, a partial workaround is to use the Keyboard shortcut to display the matches instead; or click on the matched entry in the main Kee popup in your browser toolbar.