Can't sign in to Kee Vault 2

Thank you for the update. I just downloaded the app and I am not able to sign in using my login credentials.

Sorry to hear you’re struggling with that.

Maybe check that your Android keyboard isn’t doing anything unexpected with special characters or autocorrect (I have programmed the app to request that this doesn’t happen but I’m unsure how reliably different keyboards will work so perhaps this could explain the problem).

I presume that you are able to sign-in to using the same credentials? Might be worth trying that on your Android web browser if you haven’t already - that might help narrow down whether it is an issue relating to your Android keyboard or not.

If none of that helps, you can copy the logs from the main menu’s “Help” option. There shouldn’t be anything sensitive stored there but double check and then share them here if you can’t see straight away what might be wrong.

No worries at all. I was able to log in through and triple checked. Figured I could give it some time since the app just launched.

It is working perfectly fine as I just tested. Thank you again and will continue supporting as always.