Kee Vault 2 now available

Kee Vault 2 is available now for free on Android!

Install now from Google Play

Our 2nd version of Kee Vault comes with improved usability on Android, including fingerprint sign-in and AutoFill into other apps and websites. Kee Vault subscribers can start using it straight away with your existing Vault. New users can either use it for free or sign up for a Kee Vault account at - that’s Kee Vault version 1, and it remains available for access to your passwords from any modern web browser, desktop, laptop or smartphone, including iPhones.

We’ve just launched an updated website at with streamlined information about our different software products on the home page and more detailed sub pages covering topics such as the differences between the different versions of Kee Vault and why you might consider upgrading from the free Android version to support our work with a subscription.

We are also announcing a couple of other improvements for new subscribers:

  1. We're more than doubling the free trial period to 30 days.
  2. We're assigning new subscriptions to the yearly payment option because it saves everyone money.

For a limited time, we’re welcoming all previous subscribers to start a new 30 day trial of the Kee Vault service, regardless of whether you were a paying supporter or ended your subscription when the free trial ended.

To take advantage of this offer, simply sign in to and follow the instructions.

What’s next for the Kee project?

After any immediate bug fixes and important enhancements to the Android app following your feedback, we have no concrete plans but if we don’t hear any strong preference from our community (you!), we might look into these areas, roughly ordered by priority:

  1. Investigate whether the Kee desktop browser extension can now be rewritten to be compatible with “manifest v3” in Chrome and Firefox so that development on that part of the project can resume later this year.
  2. See if Microsoft have fixed the bug that prevents us issuing updates to the Edge version of the Kee extension.
  3. Investigate feasibility of developing an iOS equivalent of Kee Vault 2.
  4. Investigate feasibility of developing a web app version of Kee Vault 2, with the long-term aim of offering it as a replacement for the current cross-platform web app at
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