Will local Keepass (databases) ALWAYS be supported by Kee Browser Extensions?


First off I am totally satisfied with my password management via the KeePass program and am SUPER happy with Chris’s extensions for the browser. I understand the encryption is “unbreakable” but I run my own cloud server and use Keepass built in sync ability to sync entries from a clould shared copy. It’s true this setup is only for the savvy so I understand why Chris wanted to provide an alternative but I don’t put any of my files in any public cloud and that definitely includes my kdbx files. Beyond that I run several plugins including an ssh key agent and also multiple databases and KeeVault does not support that.

After reading a bunch of verbage about Kee Vault it’s still not clear to me if the browser extensions will ALWAYS support the KeePass Program and local database files opened by it. Is there some intention to eventually drop this support? I would hope not but this has not been made clear. Without the kee browser extension supporting the local KeePass database I’d be sunk.

If Chris or someone else can rest my anxiety about that this it would be appreciated


There is no intention to drop this support.

It’s free software so of course the usual caveats about no promises of support for the rest of all time do apply - especially so since the browser extension is entirely dependent upon the web browser and KeePass offering ongoing support for this type of software.

None of that is any different to the situation for the past 10 years though and I do hope that with enough financial support from Kee Vault, I would actually be able to find the resources to keep the link to KeePass functioning even in some unlikely situations that would otherwise cause us to be forced to stop development of the extension.

So in short, we can’t say “ALWAYS”, but the success of Kee Vault should make it more likely.