Wildcard in search?

As far as I can tell, there is no “wildcard” to be used when searching with Kee. Yes, a stemming technique is used such that “xyz” will list all KP database entries containing “xyz” embedded in any word. But no wildcard character can be used alone to match all entries in the database.

Just curious why such a feature is not available - or am I missing something? TIA

For most people a list of all entries would be too long. Not only is it potentially challenging for someone to scroll through all the results but it will take a bit longer for the list to be displayed.

Can you share a bit more detail about why you would like to see all entries listed in the Kee popup?

As for a more general question of why there is no wildcard support (e.g. searching for “Google account number * (work)”) that is mostly just because it’s not a frequently requested feature and it would take a lot of work to implement so a compelling reason that the feature needs to exist would have to be presented.

Thanks for your response. Actually, after using the Kee extension for the past month or so, I no longer think a complete login list is necessary. And a “wildcard” is not necessary either since entering the partial login title is nearly the same thing (provided the leading character(s) are known). In any case, the current search function is acceptable.