Why does KeepassRPC listen on port 12546?

I am considering using KeepassRPC, but am a little concerned that it listens on port 12546.
I am referencing this documentation : KeePassRPC port

I am curious to know what the rationale behind this architecture decision was.

Whats the problem with this port for you ?
There must be a port used which is not in use for other tools and functions.
Also if you have more than one Database open you even have to select another one.

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As for why it listens on any port at all, that is (or at least was) the only way that a browser extension can communicate with a local KeePass instance. If you’re worried about that, Kee Vault keeps everything within your browser so there’s no need for a port to be opened if you use that service.

There’s lots more information about KeePassRPC and how the port gets used in the documentation on this site. E.g. KeePassRPC connection overview