Why choose from a single entry?


I have only one entry for my bank account. Although enabled, Kee doesn’t autofill, but adds the blue triangle to the empty username field. When I click the triangle a list containing only one entry pops up. I expect it to hold only one matching entry, but why do I have to choose this entry? There is no alternative…
When I click on the one and only entry, Kee fills the field correctly. Since it is a two page login process exactly the same procedure repeats on page 2 regarding the password.
Can anybody explain what is going on? I’d rather like to happen that all without clicking here and there.

Thanks for any support! Andreas.

Firefox 122.0.1, KeePass 2.56, Kee 3.11.13

That’s a useful logic because you disabled Auto-fill.
Without clicking an entry, even a single one, that would not make sense.
Btw. for a configuration info, KeePassRPC version is missing.

Thank you for your reply! On the “Kee” tab in the banks entry, Auto-fill and Auto-submit are enabled as “Always”. “Use Kee setting” doesn’t work as well. the only thing that is disabled is Auto type, because I think this is a concurrent mechanism to Kee. Anyway, enabling it, doesn’t help either.

KeePassRPC is V 1.16, which is “Up to date” according to the update check popup.

Thanks & regards, Andreas.

Sounds like there are two questions really:

  1. Why doesn’t this specific entry Autofill?

Probably because the entry information isn’t a great match for the form fields on the page (multi-page sign-in processes are especially likely to suffer from this issue). There may be something you can do to reconfigure the entry (or split it into two - one for each page) to get auto-fill working. Such things have been discussed many times before on the forum so best to start by searching using some of these terms.

  1. Why can’t a click on the Kee icon in the form field instantly fill the field if there is only one matching entry?

I can’t recall if this is one of those issues where the web browser requires user interaction before we can take any action but it might be. When you click the icon a lot has to happen behind the scenes in different parts of the browser and some of those steps can be restricted by the browser unless a user clicks somewhere.

Assuming that this is not the case in this specific question (or that we could re-write Kee to avoid the restriction) it’s an interesting question as to whether it would be desirable to instantly fill the contents of a single match.

I understand your desire to reduce clicks and mouse movements (although note that the keyboard can be used too if you find that faster). I’m wary of pushing credentials into the field without you being able to verify that the correct credentials are matched. It probably only becomes an issue if you are potentially using multiple database sources, a Kee Home Group or some other fairly advanced configurations that make the single match unpredictable. I’ll bear the suggestion in mind though and maybe experiment with that as an option in a future version of Kee.

First of all, thank you very much! I appreciate it a lot that you as the creator of Kee take your time to share your thoughts with me.

For me, only the first question you are mentioning touches my problem. If I managed to get both fields auto-filled, I’d be happy and had no reason to think aubout question #2.

I swear, I have spent hours to search the forum before I wrote this post. I found similar descriptions, but no really matching topics. Most of the similar ones deal with the situation that auto-fill doesn’t work when there are multiple matching entries. Well, I have exactly one.

As I understand, there are two steps: match and rank. Match should not be a problem, since the URL is matched successfully – no matter if domain, server or exact match is activated. Rank could be difficult, because the bank assigns random generated form IDs and input IDs & NAMEs, so they can’t be put on the whitelist. Additionally there is a search field on the login page, so maybe Kee is unable to decide which of the fields to fill (although only username is visible on page 1 and password on page 2). I suppose that as soon as I click on the triangle, Kee learns which exact field to fill. Finally, there is no real page 1 and 2 with different URLs; instead it seems that the username and password fields are dynamically hidden/unhidden by a script, staying on the same HTML page all the time. So I failed to create separate entries for page 1&2. In this case, Kee shows up with a digit “2” on the triangle and correctly offers two entries to choose from.

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If you have another idea for me, I’d be lucky to try anything that you advise. Otherwise I think I will give up and use everything “as is”.

Thanks & regards, Andreas.